Room on the Broom

I worked with Studio Soi for more than three months doing primarily Lighting and later on Compositing. Because of my Generalist's background I also did some of the FX and parts of modeling and texturing as well. This 25 min short film was screened first as a BBC Christmas TV Special on December 26th 2012.

"Philipp is a very talented lighting artist. He did some really beautiful shots and was very reliable and creative. He is very flexible and has a broad understanding of compositing and 3d softwares. He helped us a lot with dynamics and did some very nice compositings too. But most importantly Philipp is a very nice guy and it was a big pleasure to work with him!"

Jan Lachauer, Director and Generalist

"Philipp is an accurate worker and a great problem solver with a big know how in 3D and 2D techniques to achieve incredible results in short time frames. He is a calm and friendly team member who would integrate well in any team. I'd happily recommend Philipp for any VFX or compositing role."

Roland Petrizza, Digital Compositor
All images and videos © Magic Light Pictures.


Short Film




Lighting, Compositing, FX, Texturing, Modeling

Studio / Post-Production

Studio Soi, Ludwigsburg


Magic Light Pictures, London


Directors: Jan Lachauer, Max Lang
Writers: Julia Donaldson, Max Lang